Padilla Performance Horses


NRHA Professional

With over a decade of experience training horses, Martin Padilla has an inner drive to be the best. In the late 1990s, he was racing Thoroughbreds when he decided to switch to training reining horses in Lincoln, California. Eager to learn, he worked with the leading trainers in the industry. Within five years, he was winning awards, including the 2006 APHA Paint Vegas Breed Restricted-Open Champion, and the 2007 WCRHA Topsail Cody Memorial Derby Level 4 Open Reserve Champion.
Since 2008, Martin has focused on choosing only the best horses to become part of the ranch’s herd. “We breed the mares, raise the babies, and pick only the best two-three to compete.” When training begins, he works to establish a partnership with the animal. “

Regardless of the horse’s behavior, Martin believes in communication, not intimidation. “The main thing is to do everything gentle and gradually sensitize the horse. Make sure he knows that you’re his partner, not his enemy.”
As Martin teaches the horses to perform sliding stops, spins, lead changes, and much more, he singles out the truly talented animals. “As you ride, you can feel how the horse is performing,” he says. “We keep the best of the best.”

Martin’s experience with countless horses he has ridden over the years and numerous Non Pros he has coached allows him to help any level horse or rider. He works with every client to establish a custom plan of action to achieve their goals. Honesty is one of Martin’s keys to success. He will always let you know what your horse is capable of achieving and what it’s limitations are. It is important to know how hard to be able to push a horse and every horse learns differently so Martin will adjust his training program accordingly.

Clinics are a great way to socialize, see different horses with different problems and learn how to improve your skills. That is why Martin regularly puts on clinics. He believes in the value of clinics and how they can benefit riders of all levels to not only work on their own problems but also to see firsthand how to address different problems with a fast variety of horses.